Between the person you were and the person you become

No one can tell what goes on in between the person you were and the person you become. No one can chart that blue and lonely section of hell. There are no maps of the change. You just come out the other side.
Or you don’t.

~Stephen King, The Stand

Searching Soul

I crawl in bed and lay my head upon my pillow, with thought’s of the day falling away
Behind my eye’s your face comes to me with love, I can see your trust for me in your eye’s
Your windows,
I reach out my hand to you as you turn to leave me. I touch your hand you stop I move to face you to see your soul
As I come to your face only for you to turn away again what are you hiding from, let me see, you tell me that you’re worthy of love, you’re not free in your heart, you don’t know how to give your heart away
Pain keeps you scared afraid to be open, fear has you frozen, I place my hand’s along your face bring you down to my eye’s look deep within your window’s to your soul
I see your fear there holding tight to you, I place my lips to yours and breathe your air in, in return I breathe mine into you, with one deep breath your wall’s fall and a new feeling is replaced,
Love is now within you I close my eye’s and kiss you goodbye, you ask me to stay why must you go you say, I say I have gifted you, my love is now yours keep it safe, share it, love like never before, share the gift we are all giving, 
I turn from you and walk away with joy in my heart, my love for you now is never ending, you will always carry me within your soul, even though I have never been with you.
      (Just lost love that doesn’t know where to go, so if I gave my love to all I don’t know, then I will be here even after I’m gone from this world, just my way of helping.)

© Kandice Campolo



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You Know Where To Find Me

You know where to find me

When you’re on your way out
All bustle and busy
Enough is enough
Because life’s sweet assemblages
Equate to driftwood away
Be still with meYou know where to find me
For no particular reason
To stop traffic behavior
Or to get something off your chest
Cause we go a long way back
Back to nothing at all
Be still with me

Won’t you be-
Be still with me

You know where to find me
If you think it’s all over
I can sense it a mile off
It’s no friendly hello
You could be screaming drunk
Well I’ve got my bad days too
I’m gonna be here for you
Be still with me

In a public place, private thoughts
A reminder of a precious loss
(you can be a source of constant reassurance)
Let the breeze block sadness drop
Won’t you be-
Be still with me

Don’t mistake my charity
For what it is
Deem me into believing necessary
Don’t mistake my open arms
For what it is
They can turn on you
So show me the money.
Show me the money.

Blue and green,
Fresh eyes on me
I’m young again
All things to mend with
Bite-size life boats
I’ll fix your smashed up head

Be still with me
If you want
To be alone
If you’d rather die
Then tell
You’ll know where I’ll be
Where to find me
For high talk
To cut it off or bring it on
A proposal
If you’re broken,
I’ll be here,
I’ll be here.

Imogen Heap Lyrics
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Appreciate the Thorn


Life is not always a bed of roses.

Thorns help you to appreciate the flower.

Hardship helps one appreciate the beauty of life.

Cherlynn Shakespeare /@DearLove


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Hello My Sweet Friend

These feelings are new
One moment here then not
Hello my new friend

Your kindness surrounds 
Busy, happy and present
Hello my good friend

Lips purse on my cheek
Suddenly my world is changed
Hello my sweet friend

My eyes flutter wild
You race when our hands touch slow
Now I know you live

It’s been awhile
Once numbed now brimming with hope
Hello my old friend


Authors Note:

This poem is not a declaration of love for another person, it’s rejoicing in all the little moments I never fully experienced while my heart closed off from the world. When I wrote this I had just met someone. For the first time in a long time, I felt that rush of emotion and chemicals for when you start to fall for someone. It was the moment I realized my heart had finally healed and I could feel again. It may sound corny but that’s what happened. In this poem, my friend  is my heart.
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What Life Imparts

When clouds of pain loom in the sky

When a shadow of sadness flickers by
When a tear finds its way to the eye
When fear keeps the loneliness alive
I try and console my heart
Why is it that you cry? I ask Read more

Dusk Till Dawn

Let the sunset’s beams flutter

Below the darkening horizon

Like a raven taking flight into

Enveloping blackness.

The closing of the world’s eyes

Brings the temporary death

Which men neither see nor fear.

Dreams fill the minds of many

While the Sun rests his weary gaze

And relinquishes his hold on mankind

Giving birth to the new rule of her highness

The Moon.

Her return to the throne brings her loyal stars,

Dancing across the sky that is ballroom floor

Where they sway to the tune of the wind through the silent space.

However, sorrowful though she may be,

The Queen’s time in power draws short,

Her subjects dwindle

Sending short winks to and fro

Before finally coming to an end.

And slowly, softly,

The rays of His Majesty emerge,

His warm fingers barely brushing

Her gentle locks of luscious hair

Before they quietly slip



I Listen To The Silence

Darkness about me

In the somnolent silence
The silence has substance
As thick as can be

silence about me    
as loud as a scream
In a nightmarish dream
It can terrify me Read more

A work in progress


we have met the monsters in ourselves, we’ll keep trying to slay them in the outer world, and we find that we cannot. For all darkness in the world stems from darkness in the heart. And it is there that we must do our work.
Marianne Williamson


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Be soft.

Do not let the world make you hard.

Do not let the pain make you hate.

Do not let the bitterness steal your sweetness.

Take pride that even though the rest of the world may disagree,

you still believe it to be a beautiful place.

~Kurt Vonnegut

Be Soft

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 Without order nothing can exist – without chaos nothing can evolve. ~Anonymous


 Possible Meaning: Existence is orderly because it follows Universal Laws, however, disorder (entropy) increases which leads to evolution…


Image: Depicts the aftermath of Armageddon. You can find it and the rest of the series here. 


Peace is present

right here and now, in ourselves and in everything we do and see. Every breathe we take, every step we take, can be filled with peace, joy, and serenity. The question is whether or not we are in touch with it. We need only to be awake, alive in the present moment.

― Thích Nhất HạnhPeace Is Every Step: The Path of Mindfulness in Everyday Life