Show me your edges

Take off your clothes. Show me. Show me your edges. I want to see with my own eyes where you end and where I begin. I want to see where I fit, where you leave off being you and turn into me


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…I’ve resisted your coos and your well planned advances despite them being precise, well thought out-successful, just as you were trained to be -in any given situation;  rote, like getting dressed.

Shirt. Check.
Pants. Check.
******. Check.
Seduce her by any means possible.
Check.. 💭

I believe your mind was set on a conquest, a plan was formulated. Once that plan was put into action, it flowed through you, effortlessly. You’ve been tireless.
I admit, I rather like this game of chase, it feels good not only to be desired, but to be in absolute control of it. We don’t move until I said move. 

And you, so charmingly persistent and on your best behavior…

I see through your chivalry- I feel what you crave-I crave too

but I  know you like the thrill of the hunt–the chase, the conquest — the more challenging the pursuit, the better… the thought of the pursuer and the pursued. 
I let you give chase, giving you a run for your money–but you’re gaining on me.

I’m  unable to ward off your sweet nothing proposals and promises;  I’ve lost the ability to thwart your advances.

Or maybe I just lost the desire to resist you.

Your presence over time has overwhelmed me, broken my defences-I can feel myself being consumed by you. I have no choice but to accept defeat, and surrender myself totally to you…

To be continued…

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Love consumes me


I am a wild lover.
Love consumes me.
I let go, my soul boils inside me.
My kisses will stain your skin, my eyes will burn your heart.
I will break you and I will fix you. I am addictive.
I am yours.

– Anita Krizzan

Love me Reckless


Grab my hair like you grabbed my heart, forcefully with your fists. Pull my hips closer to yours like the tides and teach me why the moon floods the beach at midnight. Remind me how to breathe by making me breathless. Don’t love me tenderly, love me reckless.


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Love is a Great Thing, A Great and Thorough Good.

“Love is a great thing, yea, a great and thorough good.
By itself it makes that which is heavy light;
and it bears evenly all that is uneven.
It carries a burden which is no burden;
it will not be kept back by anything low and mean;
It desires to be free from all wordly affections,
and not to be entangled by any outward prosperity,
or by any adversity subdued.
Love feels no burden, thinks nothing of trouble,
attempts what is above its strength,
pleads no excuse of impossibility.
It is therefore able to undertake all things,
and it completes many things and warrants them to take effect,
where he who does not love would faint and lie down.
Though weary, it is not tired;
though pressed it is not straightened;
though alarmed, it is not confounded;
but as a living flame it forces itself upwards and securely passes through all.
Love is active and sincere, courageous, patient, faithful, prudent, and manly.”
Thomas à Kempis


all or nothing


“She was too quiet, or she was too loud. She took things too seriously, or not seriously at all. She was too sensitive, or too cold-hearted. She hated with every fiber of her being, or loved with every piece of her heart. There was no in-between for her. It was either all or nothing. She wanted everything but settled for nothing.”



My Warrior Heart

How can
I live my
entire life
without being in
your heart

Being denied
your warmth
and light left
cold and in
the dark

without the
love and care
I’ve searched
for all my life

To have
my time end
all alone with
doom at its
climax height

My heart
it fights a
constant battle,
an endless
war inside

To look
in my heart,
is almost like
peering, into a
warrior’s eyes

Without your
love my heart
will die, for
without you
I have no shield

But not
even the death
of my warrior
heart can’t change
the love I feel

Written in Germany -Circa 1998


every kiss provokes another

Every kiss provokes another

Ah, in those earliest days of

love how naturally the

kisses spring into life.

How closely, in their

abundance, are they pressed

one against another;

until lovers would find it

as hard to count the kisses

exchanged in an hour,

as to count flowers in

a meadow in May.

~Marcel Proust 


Touching the Pleasure

If I am to kneel down 
in front of your nakedness 
if I am to speak softly 
to your arousing desire 
if I am to say 
all the things I want to do 
would you? 
Without you or I touching the pleasure 
would you? 
I will smile at its arrival 
wetting my lips in hungry anticipation 
looking up at you with can I eyes 
Needing to taste pre again 
watch me and my look of love 
know it’s my want 
let me feed 
from you 

Written by Timetolisten (TimetoSHOUT)

Happy Inside

My senses feel you guiding my hand,
My feeling now touching your beauty inside,
Eyes still closed I’m dreaming for more,
With this kiss our tongues feel for more,
Gliding my hands along your perfect curves,
Watching your eyes as I look at your soul,
Ecstasy brings a new height for the way we two feel,
Still playing with tongues and the movements of hands,

I feel a pleasure deep inside,
I feel at a loss no longer in control,
With every movement my bodies alive,
With every caress a deeper feeling of you is now mine,
Eyes still closed I feel your delight,
This feeling I’ve felt has been the touch of your skin,

Holding you tight closer inside,
Everlasting moments our true delight,
All control we lose again and again,
Becoming closer I see you smiling within,
All day blushing and smiling inside,
All day waiting for the next time we collide,
All day knowing we’re happy inside.

Author: Clive B Ringshall


As you please

 “I give myself to you:

My hunger, yours; my body, yours to consume;

my lips, my mouth, my teeth, yours to put where you want them;

my hair, my flesh, yours to cut, to tie, to pull, to enter;

my every thought, yours to turn into words, yours to ink on your skin;

yours… the length of me is yours to do with

as you




Call it a kiss


“Call it a kiss, but
I want to dip my fingers
into a dark wine
and paint your lips red
and let it drip down your neck.
I want to cup your wet chin
and raise the goblet
of your fine wine mouth to
I want to drink from you
until we taste the same.”



I Dream of You

I dream of you
coming home to me.
Tired but seeking
solace in my skin.
Feel firm hands
seek my curves.
Explore why I am
the feminine.
You the masculine.
Your scruffy chin
scrapes my neck.
I hear you inhale
my perfume.
Without hello I turn.
Nothing else matters.
The day past disappears.



dusty cowboy

    “Love walked in the door like a dusty cowboy, and I looked that cowboy dead in his eyes and said, “I thought I shot you.” And his eyes never blinked, wavered, or watered as he said, “You did. You shot me in the leg. But you can’t kill love that easily. And today you’re going to learn how deadly Love can be.” That was over four years ago, and I’m still alive. So that was his plan all along, to serve me up a super slow death. Sort of like torture, only imperceptible and more pleasant.” ❤     

― Jarod KintzLove quotes for the ages. Specifically ages 18-81.