The Wreath

I flipped over the wreath…

I held in my hands to make sure the wire loop was secure but instead of hanging it, I thought about our home. It had plenty of room to raise a family, an office for me, fireplace and nice yard… it was a great. While we had it.

On the back of the wreath was the little tag my wife put on all our keepsakes so she’ll know when we got them. This one read: November 21, 2008. Not long ago but it seemed an eternity.

That was a good year. My job was going well and we bought a house. We had looked forward to that for so long. Dreaming of the day when we wouldn’t be jammed in a small apartment like we’d lived in since our marriage six years before. It had grown tinier with Anna’s birth almost on our first anniversary. We’d pushed to get the purchase closed so we could move in before Thanksgiving and celebrate in the first real home of our own. Diane insisted we stop after the closing to buy the perfect wreath she’d found to go over the fireplace mantle for the holidays. Seeing her so happy and excited made me smile. Read more