My Darling


“My darling, you can’t see it,

can you? How like the moon

you are . Both of you so timid

in yourselves; hiding pieces

from the world. Then, there

are those rare moments when

you both are full, and it

becomes hard to look away.

You are beautiful.

-Alexandria Drzewiecki


The air around me

“The first time his laughter touched the air around me, the earth sighed and the moon smiled, and I knew nothing would ever be the same again. I held him in my mind, my body, my soul, like a whisper in the wind. Like a totem in my heart. He became the key to words I had never been able to speak and tears I had never been able to cry. I knew I would live the rest of my life with his love dancing in the spaces only we could see.”

~Amanda Patterson


Trust it. Feed it. Grow it.

“You know that crazy heart of yours? The one with
lightning crackling and moonlight shining through it.
The one you’ve been told not to trust because it often
led you off the beaten path. The one so many have
misunderstood your entire life. Trust it. Feed it. Grow it.
It’s your greatest treasure and it will point the way to your
highest destiny. It is the voice of your soul.”

your fellow traveler, Jacob Nordby  


“Study me as much as you like,

you will never know me. For i

differ a hundred ways from

what you see me to be. Put

yourself behind my eyes, and

see me as i see myself. Because

i have chosen to dwell in a place you

can’t see.” ~Rumi


This is a typical trait of a Virgo… 😉


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Bide by the Moon


Bide by the moon, follow her glow,
By the light of the new we renew and grow.
By the waxing quarter our determination shows,
By the full moon’s light our desires we know.
By the waning quarter we ebb and flow,
By the dark moon’s presence we return what we’ve sown.
Bide by the moon,
Follow her glow.

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In the Moonlight

Moonlight pours through the window

bathes your skin in it’s milky glow

delights my eye and sharpens my hunger

hear me whisper to you soft and low


be mine, and let me be your lover

to worship your body, so divine

to pledge my heart to you forever

be my goddess, please be mine


your smiling lips are so inviting

your breath sweet gentle breeze

stirs my hair and warms my heart

your graceful curves seducing me


the flickering candle burns low, and out

we are entwined together, two as one

the sweet sound of our desire fills the air

loves dance greets the warm morning sun

W. I. Boucher December 6, 1999



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1. In absent minded surfacing from sleep
He rolls and bops her gently on the head. 

A jump for both.

(They still sail dream-skies singly: clouds and rain)

A yawn, a sigh of loosening night..then giggles
…and half into the pillow:
‘Do you always do that after…?
The secret smiles that start face down in cotton 
Mean mischievous all.
And so the artful stray: fingers across the sheeted fields to find 
To touch: the stroke, the tease, the tender joke
Of cartoon-witches’ nails that swiftly change
To quietest whisper of his finger-end near lashes  
To brush the boyish shock of hair that falls
Across her face and is so  


2. And growing light reveals what last night shone 
From so deep within her 
And now she knows it too.
Seeing in his eyes the certainty she feels –
Now her Longing Being is achieved
As they climb to light together and  
The lovely dance that wants to happen
Draws them on the little loving path 
To earthly joy – and no worse for that…

3. What fingers and eyes began as wisps 
And threads of possibilities,
Now feel the planet-surge of ocean swell 
And sensual intertwine of selves and limbs so serious-silly
That detail blurs then flashes sharp as ice:
The little sweat that slightly pools – twice – at the base   
Of her back
He strokes with hands behind her
As her naked song and curves and rhythms rock above him – ribcage moving
breath half open lips…
Yeys and ooaoos and silences. 
She dives to snatch a smiling kiss in midst 
Of whirling storms (that shock of hair again!)
Then resumes the unselfconscious closed-eye calm 
Whose movement is the music of the earth.  

4. Then all goes quiet.

As Is The Sea Marvelous


as is the sea marvelous
from god’s
hands which sent her forth
to sleep upon the world

and the earth withers
the moon crumbles
one by one
stars flutter into dust

but the sea
does not change
and she goes forth out of hands and
she returns into hands

and is with sleep….

    the breaking

of your
my lips

e. e. cummings

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An Airplane carried me to bed

Farewell nightmares, I am free.
Welcome to dreams of sweet dreams that settle over me.

What lies out there, no-one knows,
the tide could bring in anything so steady as she goes.
Steady as she goes.

I can feel her, as I lie awake,
But she’s back home, still waiting alone, the morning breaks.

Post-war novels, keep us alive, and I know she’ll be dying to see me when I arrive.

Several state lines keep us apart, but don’t lose sleep ’cause I’ll always keep you in my heart.

Crashing white caps keep us alive, and she knows I’ll be dying to see her the next time I arrive.

What lies out there, no-one knows,
the tide could bring in anything so steady as she goes.
Steady as she goes.
Steady as she goes.

An Airplane Carried Me to Bed


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Incandescent Glow

O’ lost little girl
how you do wish
That night with its fever
did not ever exist

For in the twilight
you wander alone
Dreaming of him
for what was once known

Lost is your heart
so you now embrace
The darkness of night
with the moons painted face

You dream dreams of longing
of passions sweet kiss
For a love that is binding
your soul would you risk.

It’s once in a lifetime
such love comes around
It touches the soul
with its earth shattering sound.

© Sandra Dartt. All rights reserved


Defeated by Love

Blue Moon Eclipse, December 31, 2009 - Panther Observatory


sky was lit
by the splendor of the moon
So powerful
I fell to the ground

Your love
has made me sure

I am ready to forsake
this worldly life
and surrender to the magnificence
of your Being

Rumi  — Thanks Anna


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Dusk Till Dawn

Let the sunset’s beams flutter

Below the darkening horizon

Like a raven taking flight into

Enveloping blackness.

The closing of the world’s eyes

Brings the temporary death

Which men neither see nor fear.

Dreams fill the minds of many

While the Sun rests his weary gaze

And relinquishes his hold on mankind

Giving birth to the new rule of her highness

The Moon.

Her return to the throne brings her loyal stars,

Dancing across the sky that is ballroom floor

Where they sway to the tune of the wind through the silent space.

However, sorrowful though she may be,

The Queen’s time in power draws short,

Her subjects dwindle

Sending short winks to and fro

Before finally coming to an end.

And slowly, softly,

The rays of His Majesty emerge,

His warm fingers barely brushing

Her gentle locks of luscious hair

Before they quietly slip




My heart

only ever had one thought, one want. One need. Despite all, in spite of all…All my heart has ever wanted is you.

― Stephanie LaurensThe Edge of Desire


I'm a dreamer



I am a dreamer. For a dreamer is one who can only find his way by moonlight, and his punishment is that he sees the dawn before the rest of the world.

~Oscar Wilde


Sky in my Pie


there’s a sky in my pie,
Remove at once if you please,
You can keep your incredible sunsets
I ordered mincemeat and cheese.
I can’t stand nightingales singing
Or clouds all burnished with gold,
The whispering breeze is disturbing the peas
And making my chips go all cold.
I don’t care if the chef is an artist
Whose canvases hang in the Tate,
I want two veg and puff pastry
Not the universe heaped on my plate.
Ok ill try just a spoonful
I suppose I’ve got nothing to lose.
Mmm the colours quite tickle the palate
With a blend of delicate hues.
The sun has a custardy flavour
And the clouds are as light as air,
The wind with a chewier texture,
With a hint of cinnamon there?
This sky is simply delicious
Why have I not tried it before?
I can chew my way through to eternity
And still have room left for more.
Having acquired a taste for the cosmos
I shall polish this sunset off soon,
I can’t wait to tuck into the night sky,
Waiter please bring me the moon.

By kaili gardner

Same Stars


We gaze

up at the same stars,
the sky covers us all, 
the same universe encompasses us.
What does it matter what practical system
we adopt in our search for the truth?
Not by one avenue alone
can we arrive at
so tremendous a secret.

Text by Symmachus, a Greek writer from 384 C.E.