Happy Holidays

May the Christmas Angel

find her way to you,
and bless you with all the things,
that only an angel can doLike peace in your heart,
A home filled with love,
Warmth of family,
Comfort from friends,
Good health and good days,
Smiles and happinessMay the Christmas Angel
find her way to you,
And bless you a million times,
A million ways
With many Happy Holidays.

A Ten-Month-Old’s Letter To Santa

Dear Santa,

     I am a ten-month-old baby and I write because my mother has been sending out my “Christmas List” to people, and her list does not in any way represent the things I really want.  I could give two s#ts about receiving stacking cups. And I know you’re ready to make the joke about ten month-old babies and how all we want is the wrapping paper and the boxes.  Touché, Santa.  Touché.   We do, of course, want those things.  But I have a number of additional things I want very badly. My list is enclosed below.  Have a lovely holiday.   -Ten Month-Old Baby

 This Laptop Cord

I want this laptop cord more than I have ever wanted anything.   Please.  I also want the power strip with the orange on/off button and the white label on the other cord pictured (the one not connected to the laptop).  I would be ok with just a bunch of electrical cords in general, but I would really love these specific ones that are located behind my mother’s desk next to the air-conditioner (whose cord I also want).

*          *          *

 House Keys

I would love a set of house keys.  To eat, obviously.  Only metal house keys will do.  Please do not buy me plastic ones.  I am not an idiot.  I know that plastic house keys are not real keys.

See the rest of the pictures via the link below.  This a  a sweet article.

via A Ten-Month-Old’s Letter To Santa | The Ugly Volvo.

The Wreath

I flipped over the wreath…

I held in my hands to make sure the wire loop was secure but instead of hanging it, I thought about our home. It had plenty of room to raise a family, an office for me, fireplace and nice yard… it was a great. While we had it.

On the back of the wreath was the little tag my wife put on all our keepsakes so she’ll know when we got them. This one read: November 21, 2008. Not long ago but it seemed an eternity.

That was a good year. My job was going well and we bought a house. We had looked forward to that for so long. Dreaming of the day when we wouldn’t be jammed in a small apartment like we’d lived in since our marriage six years before. It had grown tinier with Anna’s birth almost on our first anniversary. We’d pushed to get the purchase closed so we could move in before Thanksgiving and celebrate in the first real home of our own. Diane insisted we stop after the closing to buy the perfect wreath she’d found to go over the fireplace mantle for the holidays. Seeing her so happy and excited made me smile. Read more

Good Morning


Sweet is the breath of morn,

her rising sweet,
With charm of earliest birds; pleasant the sun,
When first on this delightful land he spreads
His orient beams, on herb, tree, fruit and flower,
Glistening with dew; fragrant the fertile earth
After soft showers, and sweet the coming on
of grateful Evening mild; the silent Night,
With this her solemn bird and his fair Moon,

And these the gems of Heaven, their starry train;
But neither breath of morn nor rising sun
On this delightful land, nor herb, fruit, flower
Glistening with dew, nor fragrance after shower,
Nor grateful Evening mild, nor silent Night,
With this her solemn bird, nor walk by Moon,
Or glittering starlight, without thee is sweet”
― John Milton

Tuscany sunrise by Daniel Korzhonov