I sold my soul to a traveling caravan 
And there my heart did play.

Sitting in a harp 
Waiting for a trap 
To make love fall its way.

Love is a word 
Which sparks these hurts 
From this fallen day.

I wish 
I had something 
To make love fall this way

Love is sticky, for we all know it true
Some days you just have to sit back,
And wait for love to find you.


Silver Shadow

“Where are you hiding my love?
Each day without you will never come again.
Even today you missed a sunset on the ocean,
A silver shadow on yellow rocks I saved for you,
A squirrel that ran across the road,
A duck diving for dinner.
My God! There may be nothing left to show you
Save wounds and weariness
And hopes grown dead,
And wilted flowers I picked for you a lifetime ago,
Or feeble steps that cannot run to hold you,
Arms too tired to offer you to a roaring wind,
A face too wrinkled to feel the ocean’s spray.” 
― James KavanaughThere Are Men Too Gentle to Live Among Wolves

Brush the summer by

“If you were coming in the fall, 
I ’d brush the summer by 
With half a smile and half a spurn, 
As housewives do a fly. 

If I could see you in a year, 
I ’d wind the months in balls, 
And put them each in separate drawers, 
Until their time befalls. 

If only centuries delayed, 
I ’d count them on my hand, 
Subtracting till my fingers dropped 
Into Van Diemen’s land. 

If certain, when this life was out, 
That yours and mine should be, 
I ’d toss it yonder like a rind, 
And taste eternity. 

But now, all ignorant of the length 
Of time’s uncertain wing, 
It goads me, like the goblin bee, 
That will not state its sting.”
Emily Dickinson, The Complete Poems


My rainbow

You are
My rainbow skillfully painted above the sky,
Making me glance and leave a sweetest smile,
Making me walk with hope even a hundred miles,
To follow you where your mystery lies,
And spend with you and believe love never dies.

In this life, where rains and storms are downfalls,
I will be here for you even the bridges crumbles,
In this life, when my dreams are shattering,
You are here for me, making my life worth living.

I am
Your sunshine after every morning rain,
Caressing you with love and ease your pain, o
Touching every colors with love and grace,
Until my everlasting warmth brings you peace.

In this life, when days makes you blue and weary,
I will be your sunshine to brighten up your day,
In this life, when joys and pain makes me cry,
You will be my rainbow until the day I die.

I will always be the sunshine of your life,
You will always be the rainbow in my heart.

Maia Padu


Journey of a tear

It  might trickle slowly, timid and shy
From the inner eyelid of a song
Or down the cheek of something wonderful
A sunset on the hill, or moonlight on the lake
A rose in bloom…a drop of dew…so tiny, sweet and beautiful
It fills a cup with voiceless wonder, and deep affection
It languishes softly…with wild abandonment
And will not be tamed…

 Carrie Richards


Bide by the Moon


Bide by the moon, follow her glow,
By the light of the new we renew and grow.
By the waxing quarter our determination shows,
By the full moon’s light our desires we know.
By the waning quarter we ebb and flow,
By the dark moon’s presence we return what we’ve sown.
Bide by the moon,
Follow her glow.

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 I sit here thinking alone in the rain,
thinking of my sorrow, misery, and pain.
I sit here listening to the thunder crashing down,
knowing my life is better when you�re around.  ❤

As I sit here watching the storm roll on,
all I think about is you, and how you are gone.
As I look at the dark clouds above,
I sit here and wonder whom you�re thinking of.  

It�s like the sky is crying and I am too,
thinking of how I�m missing you.
I miss your hugs and gentle touch,
and the way you tell me you care for me so much.  

I miss the way you kiss me and make me feel,
I hope when you come back your feelings are still real.
Now as I look up at the clear sky above,
I�m thinking of you, and I think I�m in love.  ❤

by Meghan Flood
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The Protocol of Love


this is no way to come.
Did I call you?
There was no need to come.
Do you really like to come
this way, not invited, unwelcome guest?
Yes, I did call you , but those were the days that belonged to you, the expectant mood of the wait for the rains, when the rains are needed sorely,
and I did wait for you then.
You have come
when I had to learn to give up
 hunger and thirst.
How was I to know
that what held you back
was something so simple but hard to break
because so simple–
Your conceit, your pride.
How often the hands went up in prayer
that you may hear me and answer my call.
When seized with the slightest hope that you would come answer my call,
I had offered thousands of oblations and lit up the home with rows of candles
in the hope of your coming.
That indeed was the time to come!

And you have come now
when there is no passion left in my calling,
when the lights have dimmed
and are waiting to die,
when the portals and the windows are closed to keep out the rains and the winds
and I have neither the desire left,
nor the strength
to rise and open the gates.
But your visage tells me
that I must wake up and take you in.
You are standing at the door
 with the defeat on your hands,
a winner once, and now a forgotten tale.
The rain you are that I once yearned for
and now I am
 inside a home, behind closed doors,
with no memory or knowledge of
the protocol of love.    

Original in Hindi by Neena Dighe
Translated into English by Sushama Karnik

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Your touch, I crave

I crave…
your voice
and the intimacy
that your words….
when spoken softly
bring to me
I crave
your touch
and the security
that engulfs me
whenever you hold me
I crave…
being “part of”
and the feeling I get
when you tell the world
that I’m yours
I crave…
the release
that overcomes me
when I’m unsure
and your presence
envelops me
I crave…
your taste
when your glows
and I can see the love
in your eyes

Suzanne Penn


caUse yOu kisSed me goOdnighT

I climbed the door
And opened the stairs
I said my pajamas
And put on my prayers
Then turned off my bed
And crawled into the light
All because you kissed me good-night

Next morning, I woke
And scrambled my shoes
Polished my eggs and
Toasted the news
I couldn’t tell my left from right
All cause you kissed me good-night.

That evening, at last,
I felt normal again
I called up my mother
and picked up the phone
I spoke to my puppy 
And threw my dad a bone
Even at midnight
The sun was still bright
All because you kissed me good-night

by BigDawg

Good night!


…She remains awake silent waiting on the sky to fall
Bearing company to her closer than anything she ever knew
She’d hold the world forever just to give it all to you…

Sean C Johnson 



I will remember the kisses, our lips raw with love and how you gave me everything you had and how I offered you what was left of me, and I will remember your small room, the feel of you, the light in the window, your records, your books our morning coffee, our noons, our nights, our bodies spilled together sleeping, the tiny flowing currents immediate and forever, your leg, my leg, your arm, my arm, your smile, and the warmth of you who made me laugh again.

~ Charles Bukowski



How long must I sit with this-
this longing
this tearing angst
yearning for a forbidden touch-
while you become my Muse
fading slowly from reality
seen only in my mind
loved large in my heart?

Powers unknown
are pushing lust up against me
driving wild reckless women into my mind
desperate for escape, freedom

Did you orchestrate this?
I think not
the shock in your eyes apparent
my yearning did surprise!
And I was safe in the dream of you
until I saw desire reflected
in those cool depths.

I ran.
Shocked into reality
alarmed by my abandon
careening from control…

Yet hot in my veins, you remain
inspiring passion and poems
regardless that I cannot have you
in any way
but as my Muse.


Tree Child


For whom your heart beats

“The courage is light of one’s life,
is the beauty of today.

The hope of one’s soul,
is the promise of a tomorrow.

The times of our past,
is a wisdom for anytime.

The labour of our sacrifice and love,
is a masterpiece of our moments.

The voyage of one’s mind,
is a journey towards discovery.

The joy in one’s heart,
is a gift for everyone.

The faith of a soul,
is a key to hope and to love.

The true unconditional love of a heart
is a priceless treasure one can ever give.

For our mind, heart and soul
In any journey of rise or fall,
Let faith, hope and love breathe!
As you share it for whom your heart beats.” 
― Angelica HopesRhythm Of A Heart, Music Of A Soul


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A Sailor’s Love

Though I have seen both storms and gales
The time that I have spent at sea
The loving winds that fill my sails
Is the woman who waits home for me.

Michael Felton