I will reach you

“You can try and hold me back. Build your damn walls, pack sandbags along the edges and yell at the clouds and the rain and the sky to stop. 

But I will not relent. I will reach you. Because I am the sea. And I will continue to love you no matter what.” 

― pleasefindthisI Wrote This For You


and he loves her

“She reminds him of every good day

he’s ever had. Every summer spent in

fields of grass. Every sunrise. Every

sunset. She tastes like dew and smells

like light. And when she speaks, it’s

like someone slowly plucking the

strings of a guitar, a sadly beautiful 

song starting to play, all his own.

And he loves her.”

― pleasefindthisIntentional Dissonance


against each other

“We were a galaxy exploding into a million pieces, creating a whole new world, as we crashed against each other on the soft surface of his mattress, a cloud in the darkness, our bodies finally falling together like rain.” 

― Emme RollinsDear Rockstar


Tracing you…

“Let those eyes close,
heavy as they have been,
let them sink
and in the stillness
behind them
find peace.
Let those eyes close,
flooded as they have
found themselves,
and feel me lying next 
to you,
tracing you
to sleep.”

~Tyler Knott Gregson

every kiss provokes another

Every kiss provokes another

Ah, in those earliest days of

love how naturally the

kisses spring into life.

How closely, in their

abundance, are they pressed

one against another;

until lovers would find it

as hard to count the kisses

exchanged in an hour,

as to count flowers in

a meadow in May.

~Marcel Proust 


Chain Of Fools

For five long years
I thought you were my man
But I found out
I’m just a link in your chain

You got me where you want me
I ain’t nothin’ but your fool
Ya treated me mean
Oh you treated me cruel

Chain, chain, chain
(Chain, chain, chain)
Chain of fools

Every chain, has got a weak link
I might be weak yeah
But I’ll give you strength
Oh, hey

You told me to leave you alone
My father said, “Come on home”
My doctor said, “Take it easy”
Oh but your lovin’ is much too strong
I’m added to your

Chain, chain, chain
(Chain, chain, chain)
Chain of fools

One of these mornings
The chain is gonna break
But up until the day
I’m gonna take all I can take, oh hey

Chain, chain, chain
(Chain, chain, chain)
Chain of fools

His presence

” He had not touched me.

He did not need to.

His presence had affected me

in such a way that I felt

as if he had caressed me

for a long time.”

~ Anaïs Nin


sacred moments

I ache to be inside your head,

to feel what shall not be spoken of

but only felt by your most sacred moments

in time.

To see what your heart feels,

what you think as you observe your day,

those thoughts you keep stacked away,

always nagging at your skin,

wanting to be released

but not to be shared.

I want to know your hidden parts,

those who smell of roses

but look dark as your shadows,

like the whole of confusion,

of separation to the others.

Because the others will never understand.

Because the others are not like you.



Stay with me

“Then stay with me a little longer,’ Madame Olenska said in a low tone, just touching his knee with her plumed fan. It was the lightest touch, but it thrilled him like a caress.” 
― Edith WhartonThe Age of Innocence