“how I tilt my head…”

The Migraine Chronicles


I know you don’t ever visit
but in case you do
here is something
I want to say to you

The visual that you have left
planted in my mind
has me biting my lip
all the damn time

and that thing
you do with your eyes
has me
wanting to lick your thighs

how you look
when you walk away from me
damn boy
if you could only see

how I tilt my head
to get a better view
I know you can feel me
staring at you

and listen
the way you say my name
it drives me fucking insane

do the words
delicious and yummy
ring a bell
do they?
because they get me wet as hell

I know you don’t come here
to read the words I say
but you might boy
you might some day

so if you ever questioned
if you never knew

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