“She loved him because he had

brought her back to life. She 

had been like a caterpillar in

a cocoon, and he had drawn her

out and shown her that she was

a butterfly.”

~Ken Follett, The Pillars of Earth


Call it a kiss


“Call it a kiss, but
I want to dip my fingers
into a dark wine
and paint your lips red
and let it drip down your neck.
I want to cup your wet chin
and raise the goblet
of your fine wine mouth to
I want to drink from you
until we taste the same.”



Eyes, shut

“My cheek
found your cheek
and our eyes shut
as if by command.
In that moment,
I saw that this
is more than I
ever believed,
and the tears
we may share
are stronger
than the years
we have

Tyler Knott Gregson