Bide by the Moon


Bide by the moon, follow her glow,
By the light of the new we renew and grow.
By the waxing quarter our determination shows,
By the full moon’s light our desires we know.
By the waning quarter we ebb and flow,
By the dark moon’s presence we return what we’ve sown.
Bide by the moon,
Follow her glow.

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 I sit here thinking alone in the rain,
thinking of my sorrow, misery, and pain.
I sit here listening to the thunder crashing down,
knowing my life is better when you�re around.  ❤

As I sit here watching the storm roll on,
all I think about is you, and how you are gone.
As I look at the dark clouds above,
I sit here and wonder whom you�re thinking of.  

It�s like the sky is crying and I am too,
thinking of how I�m missing you.
I miss your hugs and gentle touch,
and the way you tell me you care for me so much.  

I miss the way you kiss me and make me feel,
I hope when you come back your feelings are still real.
Now as I look up at the clear sky above,
I�m thinking of you, and I think I�m in love.  ❤

by Meghan Flood
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“I believe a strong woman may be stronger than a man, particularly if she happens to have love in her heart. I guess a loving woman is indestructible.”   

― John SteinbeckEast of Eden
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The Protocol of Love


this is no way to come.
Did I call you?
There was no need to come.
Do you really like to come
this way, not invited, unwelcome guest?
Yes, I did call you , but those were the days that belonged to you, the expectant mood of the wait for the rains, when the rains are needed sorely,
and I did wait for you then.
You have come
when I had to learn to give up
 hunger and thirst.
How was I to know
that what held you back
was something so simple but hard to break
because so simple–
Your conceit, your pride.
How often the hands went up in prayer
that you may hear me and answer my call.
When seized with the slightest hope that you would come answer my call,
I had offered thousands of oblations and lit up the home with rows of candles
in the hope of your coming.
That indeed was the time to come!

And you have come now
when there is no passion left in my calling,
when the lights have dimmed
and are waiting to die,
when the portals and the windows are closed to keep out the rains and the winds
and I have neither the desire left,
nor the strength
to rise and open the gates.
But your visage tells me
that I must wake up and take you in.
You are standing at the door
 with the defeat on your hands,
a winner once, and now a forgotten tale.
The rain you are that I once yearned for
and now I am
 inside a home, behind closed doors,
with no memory or knowledge of
the protocol of love.    

Original in Hindi by Neena Dighe
Translated into English by Sushama Karnik

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