Leonard Misonne - Madame Misonne in the Misonne House in Gilley, Belgium

Today (11 April)  marks the anniversary of the beginning of the American Civil War and I thought I would share excerpts from love letters exchanged between Soldiers and their sweethearts. The excerpt of this letter remains unedited.

…”Though we are fare apart at present my heart is with you every moment…The thought of your sweet smiles is all the company I have, I trust that you are cinsere in what you have wrote to me.   Your sparkling blue eys and rosey red cheeks has gaind my whole efections!…I will end my few lines but my love to you has no End. Remember me as ever your love and friend.

Excusebad riting.

William F. Testerman to Miss Jane Davis
Image   Leonard Misonne 

Note: I had a difficult time finding a relevant pictures from the Civil war era (1861-65) for this particular post. The image is some years off but vintage, nonetheless.

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