Let me magic you a sweet entrance
Into the silent joy of sensuous fantasy
Lay in comforts dear mindless thought
So whispers entice a spot’s sensitivity

Impress your warmth into joy’s repose
That you know only a darkened bliss
And my words which conjure your mind
With a pure sensuality’s searching kiss

Thinking is not here for pleasures taking
For feeling is what my words impart
Lose yourself into an accepting grace
So what is whispered impales your heart

I whisper soft of love’s gentle touch
Fingertips which trace your finer points
Feel them now over hills and valleys
How soft the touch as rose-oil anoints 

Move in a very most sensuous way
Listen to a soft-whispered illustration
Tingle to this instructive sensitivity
Thrill to your mind’s quick imagination

Generate a climatic unreason ability
This fine thrilling which comes through
Loosen up the mind’s moral rigidity
And let me whisper sweet words to you.

 the black swan



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