Love me into summer

…But love me into summer
When the fullness of fruit
Drips well with passion’s juice
And we sweeten this honeyed taste
Beneath the heat of a Summer’s sun

Love me bold into a hazy time
Of buttercups and green fields
Love me naked, under blue skies
That we become dream-flowers
Dripped in the blessed sweetness
Of a dear Summer’s love.

 the black swan


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let me whisper you

Let me magic you a sweet entrance
Into the silent joy of sensuous fantasy
Lay in comforts dear mindless thought
So whispers entice a spot’s sensitivity Read more

For whom your heart beats

“The courage is light of one’s life,
is the beauty of today.

The hope of one’s soul,
is the promise of a tomorrow.

The times of our past,
is a wisdom for anytime.

The labour of our sacrifice and love,
is a masterpiece of our moments.

The voyage of one’s mind,
is a journey towards discovery.

The joy in one’s heart,
is a gift for everyone.

The faith of a soul,
is a key to hope and to love.

The true unconditional love of a heart
is a priceless treasure one can ever give.

For our mind, heart and soul
In any journey of rise or fall,
Let faith, hope and love breathe!
As you share it for whom your heart beats.” 
― Angelica HopesRhythm Of A Heart, Music Of A Soul


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