Out to Sea


Take me out to sea

Reminisce with me

Let’s Make love on the shore

with the thoughts that we share

Hold me up against a rock

Sweep the hair from my eyes

Lick the oceans tears

From my shoulder

you don’t have to stop there

Lean me up against a boulder

go where you dare

grind your body into me

hear me cry and whimper with pleasure and satisfaction

lets walk along with the sea

as it makes love to you and me

come let’s make more sweet memories just you and me

until we have the whole ocean covered

it might take a lifetime

and together just you and me

we will make it a lifetime to look forward to

Whisper sweet memories

as the ocean waves cover us with

Heavens kiss

as we enjoy a moment of Heavenly bliss

Lets walk through the sands

Lets run towards the shore line

Lets lay upon the same warm sand

Let’s feel every grain that we take for granted

Feel it grind upon our flesh

Something so grainy can become something so sensual

When two hearts focus

on what love does to change the course of

Something so small

The same feelings cause love to bloom

When one takes the time to examine

A life even that of a small grain of sand

Bring me to the ocean

Let me smell the salty sea

Come closer to me

Let me feel your skin speak to me

Let me hear the crispness of the breeze

as the echo of a sea gull comes rollin’ in

Take me into the ocean

Make love to me while we stand

Take me and cover me with every inch of your love while we can




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Stormy Morning


good morning lover

it’s time to wake up

look what the new day brought

a promise of rain

a roar of thunder

a flash of lightning

a trembling that shakes us

like an earthquake

as we hold each other tight

as love flows like magma

we rock there together

in the dawn’s smoldering light

hours pass, time stands still

you whisper moan into my ear

mmmmmmmmmm I love you

I smile and stroke your face

and gaze in to your eyes

such a wonderful day for a storm

W. I. Boucher November 29,1997



In the Moonlight

Moonlight pours through the window

bathes your skin in it’s milky glow

delights my eye and sharpens my hunger

hear me whisper to you soft and low


be mine, and let me be your lover

to worship your body, so divine

to pledge my heart to you forever

be my goddess, please be mine


your smiling lips are so inviting

your breath sweet gentle breeze

stirs my hair and warms my heart

your graceful curves seducing me


the flickering candle burns low, and out

we are entwined together, two as one

the sweet sound of our desire fills the air

loves dance greets the warm morning sun

W. I. Boucher December 6, 1999



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