unsweetened taste ❤

These are the lips, powerful rudders
pushing through groves of kelp,
the girl’s terrible, unsweetened taste
of the whole ocean, its fathoms: this is that taste

–from “That Mouth”~Adrienne Rich


I want…I need…I wait


My body aches…my skin tingles with desire.  
Every nerve is raw for your touch.  
The whisper soft caress of my negligee’ is torment.   
Imagining just the barest touch of your lips inflame me.   
My whole being cries out to have our bodies pressed against each other, 
skin upon skin…no barriers to hinder our pleasure.   
Warmth, like molten liquid, courses through me…   
My body smolders, waiting for you to fan the flames into a
 raging inferno…consuming us in its blaze.  
 I want…I need…I wait.