1. In absent minded surfacing from sleep
He rolls and bops her gently on the head. 

A jump for both.

(They still sail dream-skies singly: clouds and rain)

A yawn, a sigh of loosening night..then giggles
…and half into the pillow:
‘Do you always do that after…?
The secret smiles that start face down in cotton 
Mean mischievous all.
And so the artful stray: fingers across the sheeted fields to find 
To touch: the stroke, the tease, the tender joke
Of cartoon-witches’ nails that swiftly change
To quietest whisper of his finger-end near lashes  
To brush the boyish shock of hair that falls
Across her face and is so  


2. And growing light reveals what last night shone 
From so deep within her 
And now she knows it too.
Seeing in his eyes the certainty she feels –
Now her Longing Being is achieved
As they climb to light together and  
The lovely dance that wants to happen
Draws them on the little loving path 
To earthly joy – and no worse for that…

3. What fingers and eyes began as wisps 
And threads of possibilities,
Now feel the planet-surge of ocean swell 
And sensual intertwine of selves and limbs so serious-silly
That detail blurs then flashes sharp as ice:
The little sweat that slightly pools – twice – at the base   
Of her back
He strokes with hands behind her
As her naked song and curves and rhythms rock above him – ribcage moving
breath half open lips…
Yeys and ooaoos and silences. 
She dives to snatch a smiling kiss in midst 
Of whirling storms (that shock of hair again!)
Then resumes the unselfconscious closed-eye calm 
Whose movement is the music of the earth.  

4. Then all goes quiet.

Soon she won’t object to fingers that stray under her skirt-hem and linger at her lightly knotted waistband; when her eyes are dreamy and her breathing’s harsh, send the servants away.

Mallyana Vatsysyana (2nd Century)