I stare at this crimson sea,
Whats this a beautiful maiden it seems,
I see the shadow from the depths,
Long flowing hair, my mind is swept,
My eyes do not believe, perhaps they only deceive?
ripples surface, its true…
she’s beautiful, This feeling so new,

She stares into my eyes…
Hypnotizing, her love is not advised,
a temptress of sorts,
With beauty only a fool would deny,
foolish perhaps but those are the ones that perhaps survive.

She beckons me to the waters edge,
I humbly kneel, to this beauty my heart I shall pledge,
her desires are clear, she wants that of crimson,
she reaches out, she grabs my hand,
slowly she immerses it, underneath those depths.

I see what she’s doing, but I care not,
slowly She pulls me into the water…
there’s no fight to be fought.
She wants my life she may have it,
Given without hesitation, she pulls me under this crimson sea,
holding me tight I’m suffocating,
With on final breath, my words escape me,
one kiss as I die is laid upon a mermaids lips,
here we sink, one moment of bliss,
could you resist that of a mermaids kiss?

Crimson Love