You are the golden light. I am simply shined upon. You are the mist in the morning. I am the hill that you swathe. You are the rain falling warmly. I am the river you made. And we are the sea and the sky … and the earth and the stars … and all time.




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Whenever I See You

Whenever I see you I am completely undone. Every defense melted. Struck with the beauty of you. I watch the way you move and I am compelled to sigh. And all my thoughts collapse into your eyes.

Whatever wisdom it is I think I’ve attained – I think of your skin, the weight of your limbs, the way you yield – and pride melts to joy. I imagine the details of your form, the perfume of your nearness, your hand upon me.

My reason departs when you arrive. My act dissolves. Like a force rushing through me. I am aware of the swivel of your hips, the arc of your smile, and I am in the ocean once more. The island that your tides erode.

In the temple of your splendor, the gods become the beggars and the wise become the fools. The things I thought I knew are now the hunger that I feel. I dream of your kiss and there are no more lies. Only the truth of my fire. And you. Unbelievable you.

Give To Me

Give me a kiss to remember
For times when I am alone
Give me a kiss to remember
Give me a love that has grown
Give me a dream I can sleep on
When I am alone in my bed
Give me a thought to remember
Give me your words for my head
Give me a smile to hold on to
In times when I am feeling so blue
Give me a wish that you yearn for
Give me a hope that is true

By  johnnydod