These feelings are new
One moment here then not
Hello my new friend

Your kindness surrounds 
Busy, happy and present
Hello my good friend

Lips purse on my cheek
Suddenly my world is changed
Hello my sweet friend

My eyes flutter wild
You race when our hands touch slow
Now I know you live

It’s been awhile
Once numbed now brimming with hope
Hello my old friend


Authors Note:

This poem is not a declaration of love for another person, it’s rejoicing in all the little moments I never fully experienced while my heart closed off from the world. When I wrote this I had just met someone. For the first time in a long time, I felt that rush of emotion and chemicals for when you start to fall for someone. It was the moment I realized my heart had finally healed and I could feel again. It may sound corny but that’s what happened. In this poem, my friend  is my heart.
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