All That We Are

Watching him as he sleeps
Almost irresistible urges hit me,
The urge to touch him
To caress his face
To lean down and kiss
His slightly parted lips;

Where had all my strength gone?
All the wants that I had tried
So hard to hide?
I move toward him
And kneel down,
He feels me there;

He pulls me to him
As his lips find mine
And I am helpless
Unable to even resist
And I know I don’t want to;

I give myself over
our bodies entwine,
Time stands still
And two lovers
Share all that we are.

Β© Raquel Mckissock


11 thoughts on “Him

  1. Wow, I wrote this a couple of years ago in a few minutes, early hours of the morning while thinking about someone that had been so dear to me years ago. I’m happy you like it 😊


    1. I really do. That’s great you can write in such short amount of time. I think I over think and get too critical of myself when I sit down to write.

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      1. I can do the same at times, I find the best ones come when I feel very strongly about something and just jot down a few phrases that run through my mind. Nearly always, the first write tends to be the one I like in the end, even if not the most polished lol I think people respond to the honesty of it.
        Not being pretentious, but I think it’s good to write straight from the heart, just for yourself, as if no one else will ever see it, without thinking too much before pen hits paper. I’m so flattered you logged it, again thank you 😊


      2. That’s it right there, no over thinking. I agree with you, I appreciate the raw honesty too; which is usually found in the first write.
        Have you ever dictated any of your work?

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      3. When I was in year 8 at school an english teacher asked if I would mind if she submited a few of my poems to a colleague who was putting together a poetry book. I was amused and very flattered but didn’t give it another thought as I thought nothing would come of it. Years later I was searching through library archives on the net and found my name, he’d actually published it. It blew my mind lol So you never know what you can do if you love what you do πŸ’Œ


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