Speak to me –

Speak thro’ drifting clouds

O! sing to me –
Sing as if the sun would throw a flare
To give to harmony

Then call to me –
Call across the drowsy valleys –
Spread the word you care!

Now come to me –
Abandon now
My inner dreams
That lay illusions bare.

Then pray for me –
Pray that I recover
From reality:

But no! I ask, how could you,
For you were never there.

Copyright © Mark R Slaughter 2011


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‘I have never sneered in my life. Sneering doesn’t become either the human face or the human soul. I am expressing my righteous contempt for Commercialism. I don’t and wont trade in affection. You call me a brute because you couldn’t buy a claim on me by fetching my slippers and finding my spectacles. You were a fool: I think a woman fetching a man’s slippers is a disgusting sight: did I ever fetch your slippers? I think a good deal more of you for throwing them in my face. No use slaving for me and then saying you want to be cared for: who cares for a slave?’

― George Bernard ShawPygmalion


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