She has no rival,

          there is no one like her.
               She is the fairest of all.
          She is like a star goddess arising
          …    at the beginning of a new year;
                 brilliantly white, shining skin;
          such beautiful eyes when she stares,
             and sweet lips when she speaks;
               she has not one phrase too many.
          With a long neck and shining body
             her hair of genuine lapis lazuli;
               her arm more brilliant than gold;
                 her fingers like lotus flowers,
          ample behind, tight waist,
              her thighs extend her beauty,
                 shapely in stride 

                      when she steps on the earth.
She has stolen my heart with her embrace,
She has made the neck of every man
turn round at the sight of her.
Whoever embraces her is happy,
he is like the head of lovers,
and she is seen going outside
like That Goddess, the One Goddess. 

Love Poem from Ancient Egypt
Egypt, Deir el-Medina, 1300 B.C