This Curious Mark

In passing,

we should note this curious mark of our own age:

the only absolute allowed is the absolute insistence that

there is no absolute.  

~Francis Schaeffer


Dusk Till Dawn

Let the sunset’s beams flutter

Below the darkening horizon

Like a raven taking flight into

Enveloping blackness.

The closing of the world’s eyes

Brings the temporary death

Which men neither see nor fear.

Dreams fill the minds of many

While the Sun rests his weary gaze

And relinquishes his hold on mankind

Giving birth to the new rule of her highness

The Moon.

Her return to the throne brings her loyal stars,

Dancing across the sky that is ballroom floor

Where they sway to the tune of the wind through the silent space.

However, sorrowful though she may be,

The Queen’s time in power draws short,

Her subjects dwindle

Sending short winks to and fro

Before finally coming to an end.

And slowly, softly,

The rays of His Majesty emerge,

His warm fingers barely brushing

Her gentle locks of luscious hair

Before they quietly slip