The inlet was secluded.

The heavy growth of underbrush and scrub trees, not deterred by saltwater, grew almost to the edge of the water. The packed sand, never trod upon, had been carved by the tide’s fingers. Scooped and scalloped by a myriad of rivulets it revealed a face and upper body.

Image (c) Unknown--Source: Rachel Estella Garcia at G+She opened full obsidian orbs that looked in wonder at the richness of the color of the surface world. A cataract of blues and white above she reached to touch what seemed so deep yet so close.

A flicker of red caught her eyes. What were these… these things dancing over her?  What was this they swam in? It seemed they moved to and fro on some current.

The familiar wetness of the sand still bound most of her body as the wash of waves lapped over it. She breathed deep. The first lungful of air in centuries. Long ago she’d been human. Different, yet human still. But they had not accepted her and had driven her back into the sea.

She began to lift and push herself up — the wet sand cloying and heavy. She wanted to walk this land and see the other wonders and beauty she had long forgotten… and hoped the land humans had learned love and compassion.

VIA: Dennis Lowery.com