We pray for love

and hear nothingangel
Desire love and are still waiting
A time to prove feelings and emotions
As the sun blinds us with gold
Love is not a strong enough word for my feelings
We will have to invent a new language
He is an angel
And so beautiful
Could he fall for me
The choice is his now
Our paths seem so entwined
A romance so designed
Our secret safe in my heart
As he travels the world
Calling every city his home
Out of the blue
He hits my town
I know how much he missed me
When I hear him sing my name
He is all sweetness and tenderness
What can our life be
We come from two different worlds
You fly the skies
And spread your joy
I wait for you here
Feeling you everyday
Love and beauty intertwined
Wrap your wings around me
As you nurture my soul.